Montana 1948 Quotes

“Mercer County is plains, flat as a tabletop on its western edge and riven with gullies, ravines, and low rocky hills to the east because of the work the Knife River has done over the centuries. The only trees that grow in the part of the country, aside from a few cottonwoods along the riverbank, have been planted by farmers and town dwellers. And they haven’t been planted many. In the land had its way, nothing would grow taller than sagebrush and buffalo grass.”

“And I loved her.

Because she talked to me, cared for me….because she was older but not too old….Because she was quiet but not as quiet and conventional as every other adult I knew….Because she was sexy, though my love for her was, as a twelve-year old’s love often is, chaste. “


“Franks always been partial to red meat.”


“As I climbed the stairs, I felt something for my uncle in death that I hadn’t felt for him in life. It was gratitude, yes, but it was something more. It was very close to love. “



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