Quote of the Novel

The Quote of the Novel

“As I climbed the stairs, I felt something for my uncle in death that I hadn’t felt for him in life. It was gratitude, yes, but it was something more. It was very close to love. “I consider this quote to be the most important of the novel for a few reasons. It shows that Frank actually did feel bad for what he had done and that in death the emotions for people might change.

Frank had murdered Marie and he got caught and confessed to it. Wes put him in the basement instead of taking him to the jail because he was his brother and Frank did not want to be that humiliated. This shows that Frank did have a conscience and did not want everyone who had seen him as such a good person to lose that view of him. In the basement frank sat around for a couple days and the reality of what he had done ate away at him enough for him to kill himself. He did not want to face the consequences or reality of his actions so he eliminated himself.

David is saying that he appreciates his uncle more now in death then in life. In life Frank supposedly was such a great doctor and soldier and everyone saw him so perfectly, until they found out that he raped Indian girls. Before he found out that Frank raped Indians David looked up to his uncle and felt bad that his father, Wes, because he was not given as much credit as Frank. Then he discovered this dark secret and lost all respect for him. In death he realized the good and bad things Frank had done and he respected him again. He respected that he killed himself because he could not face his actions, he respected that he could no longer live with what he had done.







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